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Representatives of some entrepreneurs from Bole Business School visited the company


On November 2, more than 20 students from the president class of Anhui Bole Business School visited our company. On behalf of the company, the company's executive vice president Liu extended a warm welcome to all the entrepreneurs who came from afar, and accompanied them throughout the process.




The guests visited our provincial engineering laboratory and various production sites respectively. Then, Vice President Liu of the company introduced the company's development history, organizational construction, operation management, corporate culture and future development ideas to the entrepreneurs in detail, and focused on sharing the company's management improvement work experience in the past year.




Finally, the entrepreneurs had on-site discussions in the conference room. The entrepreneurs had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the shortcomings of Dajie's management site, as well as the management achievements, good management methods, and corporate culture construction.



Wuhu Dajie Clutch Co., Ltd.
November 5, 2019

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